Central Air Conditioner Reviews – What You Need To Know

Let this be the first step in your search for central air conditioner reviews.

Picking out a central air conditioner is one of the most important decisions you can make. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll wind up sweltering in the summer. Or, you’ll end up drowning in expensive energy bills! But, if you pick the right one, you can stay cool and comfortable – at a price that doesn’t bankrupt you.

But before you start searching through an endless sea of central air conditioning reviews, you have to narrow down your choices first. After all, central air conditioning units come in all sorts of sizes and strengths – and offer a variety of features.

Before you do anything else, you have to figure out what size unit you’re looking for. After all, you wouldn’t use the same air conditioner to cool off your giant office building as your tiny apartment!

To figure out which units are right for you, calculate your area’s volume – by multiplying the length times the width times the height. Once you know the volume of the space you need to cool, look at each unit’s BTU rating – or, the number that tells you how much space the air conditioning unit can keep cool. The higher the BTU rating, the bigger of a space you can air condition.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to specific-size units, now it’s time to see which brand is right for you. In order to help make your decision a little easier, we went through countless central air conditioner reviews and evaluated the most popular brands – Trane, Bryant, and Carrier.

So, who won in the battle of central air conditioner reviews?

It depends on what you’re looking for!

Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed choice:


Trane has been manufacturing air conditioners since 1916. Today, they make residential units, large commercial systems, and even central air conditioning units that can help you “go green”. And these units are awfully popular. In fact, according to Trane’s corporate office, a Trane air conditioning unit is installed every minute of every day!

You can expect some great results from a Trane air conditioner!

According to the central air conditioner reviews that we found, most Trane owners are very happy. In fact, we saw plenty of people bragging about Trane air conditioners that were 10 or 12 years old! In fact, we even found one Trane reviewer who said that he only needed two service calls on his Trane unit – and that it has been running smoothly for the past 22 years!

Many builders install Trane air conditioners in new homes, and according to the central air conditioning reviews that we found, it is easy to see why. Most reviewers said that they would definitely buy another Trane unit, and they would definitely recommend Trane to a friend.


For more than 100 years, Bryant has been keeping customers cool. Bryant air conditioners go through rigorous testing. In some cases, Bryant’s testing is even stricter that what industry regulations require!

But what do reviewers have to say about them?

According to the central air conditioning reviews that we found, Bryant units could be better. Many reviewers talked about breakdowns they had suffered. They reported a variety of problems – from Freon leaks, to compressors going out, to high repair bills.

In many cases, reviewers said that their air conditioning woes started early on – just a few years after their purchases.

However, there were also Bryant owners who were happy with their purchases – but they didn’t seem quite as happy as Trane owners.


Like Trane and Bryant, Carrier air conditioners have been around for more than a century. Over the years, Carrier became a “twin brand” of Bryant – meaning that both sets of products are not made by the same manufacturer.

But, did Carrier air conditioners get the same low marks as Bryant’s? According to the central air conditioner reviews that we read, Carrier comes with mixed results.?

There were plenty of unsatisfied Carrier owners; however, there were also plenty of people who were happy with their Carrier air conditioning units. Even though there were some complaints, the reviews on Carrier units were better than the reviews on Bryant units.

According to reviews, Carrier air conditioners will last for years. In fact, there were several reviewers who said they had owned a Carrier air conditioning unit for years without any problems.

And what about the people who didn’t like their Carrier air conditioners?

According to those central air conditioner reviews, Carrier units can fall victim to a range of problems – from leaks, to rust damage, to valve problems, to fan issues. Surprisingly, many of the complaints that we saw centered around Carrier’s Infinity Series – which is the company’s most advanced line.

While central air conditioner reviews aren’t an exact science, Trane was the winner in the research that we did. However, there are also plenty of satisfied Bryant and Carrier customers out there, too!